Saturday, 21 January 2012

The Edge

Cities around the world seem to have an allure of being the happening places, the places that sparkle with opportunity and often hold the mirage of fame, fortune and glory.  New York, LA, Vegas, Singapore, Hong Kong, Paris, etc.  Cities are always growing with an urban sprawl spilling out  to the surrounding countryside, as more people move there wanting their piece of the action. 
My latest painting is called 'The Edge', as it is looking to where the edge of 'Suburbia' starts, with the city in the background. At the centre is a rainbow with dark clouds trying extinguish it, just like many people's hopes and dreams get crushed by the 'system'. But despite the 'oppression' of the dark clouds, the colours of the rainbow shine through. The rainbow is a symbol of the hope of a better future. 

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