Saturday, 12 January 2013

Only a surfer knows the feeling

I remember the first time I was seriously barrelled when I was surfing at the Bluff in Western Australia. It was such a thrill, as I weaved through the deep hollow section of the wave and safely emerging out at the end of the wave.  I felt like I had passed an initiation and was now a true surfer. It was an awesome experience!
Now, 22 years later, my latest painting covers these surfing themes. I was inspired by a photo in an old surfing magazine of a Billabong sponsored surfer, Dave Rastovich. I loved the colours and the expression on the surfers face, and thought it caught the action and excitement of the tube ride.  So I put paint to canvas to produce this latest masterpiece.

Here is a collection of work in progress photos, so you can see my approach to tackling this ambitious project.